annual report 2019

There seemed to be less participants than in the year before – perhaps because the streets were snow-covered. But we did have several new faces, including families with small children. Our New Year’s Artwork was created by Oliver Haefeli. A charcoal drawing – almost as precise as a photograph – of Max Daetwyler, Zumikon’s apostle for peace. As in previous years, our guests were gratified by the culinary offerings of Markus Vögeli (Zumikon) and his sister, Gaby Stutz (baguette with various toppings and a delicious sweet horse chestnut and coconut milk soup).

After the grill course was taken over by Olivier Neidhart, Adi Feldmann and André Nicolier in 2017 and after the move to theGüggelplatz and the change to an annual event, the grill course took place in 2019 with the same organization. 34 men, divided into four groups and guided by instructors from Coop, prepared delicious menus on the two Wednesdays of 23 May and 5 June. The men attending this event enjoy good food, fine wine and fascinating conversation – resulting in neither evening ending as planned at 22:00. The attendees’ partners, invited to the final evening on Friday, 15 June, were grilled and cooked  for. The grill course received a little financial support in 2019.

34 participants registered for the evening at the Frohe Aussicht, happily more than in the last several years. Guided by the Gemeindeverein, concerns were discussed and dates coordinated. After the meeting we sat comfortably together until around midnight, enjoying a delicious Indonesian Mah Meh. 

This year’s Open Air Movie even took place on the Farlifang playground. The film showed was “Dieses bescheuerte Herz“ (This Daft Heart), a movie about the true story of the friendship between a teenager with a serious heart condition and the adult son of the doctor who was treating him. Despite the cool weather, the event was well attended. The Gemeindeverein’s “Bubbly Bar”, the popcorn and hotdogs from the Freizeitzentrum and the organic ice cream from a local farm were in great demand.

Our Bike Fun event took place on Chilbisunday over the accustomed route from Farlifang via Heerenbreiti-Vogelbach – tennis courts –Juch – Dorfplatz and back to Farlifang. 89 cyclists divided into 24 teams participated. That it was fully booked was gratifying. Organizational requirements precluded spontaneous participants. The six stations were organized by the school board, the scouts, Cevi Zumikon, the tennis club, the Chinderhuus and the Jugendtreff. Each child were rewarded with a prize from the abundant prize table. With much sunshine, the weather presented its best side. Cooperation with the various associations that had food stands at the Chilbi was excellent. The food vouchers the Gemeindeverin gave to each participant were not wasted.

The pUrlimunter quartett with Selina Weber Gehrig (from Zumikon) entertained in Chüelebrunne (formerly the restaurant Rössli) with a wide variety of compositions, from traditional Swiss songs to hits from the 1960s and 70s. The Chüelebrunne team, Stefan und Zeynep Jud, served the ca. 60 guests an apéro, salad, various pizzas and dessert. The musicians performed between courses.

A great deal of work was done on the content of the Gemeindeverein website ( during the first months of the year. As a first step, Oliver Staubli, who programmed the website, was able to bring it online at the end of May. It is a useful means for advertising events and accepting event registrations. In a second step, all 29 New Year’s Artworks will be displayed online for ordering from the webshop.

We would like to thank you all, our members, for your loyalty and support. Your appreciation is our incentive to continue doing our best for the Gemeindeverein in the new year. Our special thanks go to the town and, especially, the town council, for its generous financial support and the great goodwill demonstrated. We look forward to continued excellent cooperation.

Finally, we give heartfel thanks to our management committee colleagues and our webmaster. Doris Zanoni, Susan Neidhart, Karl Sittler und Oliver Staubli have bestowed much time and effort on the Gemeindeverein. What is more, they are terrific people with whom it is a pleasure to discuss how to improve our events or what ideas would make our town even more enjoyable. We look forward to working with them in the future.


Doris Staubli & Susanne Ramel


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