annual report 2022

Due to the Corona pandemic, the event was cancelled.

Prior to the elections for the 22 seats in the municipal council, school administration, social authority and audit commission, the municipal association organized the election podium. This event attracted about 100 people from Zumik to the parish hall. There they had the opportunity to get an idea of the 25 candidates - to see them, to hear them and also to find out how they reacted to the sometimes challenging questions of the moderator Marco Caduff. Afterwards, the community association offered a small aperitif and there was an opportunity for discussion.

After Olivier Neidhart, Adi Feldmann and André  icolier took over the organization of the men's barbecue course in 2017, the move to the Güggelplatz and the change to annual execution, the barbecue course had to be cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to Corona. Then in 2022 it was held again on a reduced basis, with only one evening of implementation.
38 men have prepared on the Wednesday evening - divided into four groups, under the guidance of the head butcher of the Coop Zumikon, Claudio Iten - delicious menus. The men who came to the event like good food, good wine and good conversation. This has led to the fact that the planned closing time at 10 p.m. could not be kept in 2022 either.
The barbecue course was slightly financially supported by the community association in the reporting year.

In 2023, the barbecue course is cancelled because no suitable dates could be found. In 2024, it is to be held based on the wishes of the 2022 participants: two evenings and as a men-only barbecue course without female accompaniment. The dates for this are expected to be June 5 and 12, 2024.

The filmmakers Sigrid Klausmann and Walter Sittler, well-known German film actor, reported on the filming of their film project "199 little heroins" around the globe. The aim of this project is to portray a child in each country on his or her way to school. On this hot summer evening, there was unfortunately less audience than expected in the community hall.

For the first time the community association invited to the Schützenhaus Breitwis. With dry weather and unfortunately somewhat cool temperatures, the event could take place outside. 30 representatives of associations/authorities registered. Under the direction of the community association, concerns were  iscussed and upcoming events and anniversaries were coordinated. Matthias Rüegg also informed about his Adventschalet and Glüewiihüsli and community councilor Thomas Epprecht reported on the current status of various renovation projects on the village square. After the meeting Urs Fehr spoiled us with a salad buffet and Ghackets & Hörnli. It was again a convivial and informative event.

On Chilbisunday the Veloplausch took place on a shortened route because of the bad weather forecast. From Farlifang we went via the village square, the Chelleburg scout center, the tennis courts, the Juch schoolhouse and back to Farlifang. 79 participants divided into 22 groups took part. The seven posts were organized by the local council, Pfadi, Cevi, library, Green Party, youth club and tennis club. All children were rewarded with a prize from the richly decorated
table of gifts. The cooperation with the clubs, which have their food tents at the Chilbi, worked out very well. The distributed vouchers were diligently  redeemed.

We would like to thank our loyal members for their trust and valuable support. This recognition is a great incentive for us to do our best for the community association again in the new year. Special thanks go to the municipality, in particular to the municipal council, which always shows us a great deal of goodwill. We look forward to a continued good cooperation.

A big thank you goes to our fellow board members and our webmaster. Doris Zanoni, Susan Neidhart, Karl Sittler and Oliver Staubli have given their free time and commitment to the community association. This commitment cannot be taken for granted and is greatly appreciated. We look forward to continuing to discuss, tweak and reflect on the board in the future so that we can improve our existing events and create new ideas. We look forward to a continued constructive collaboration.

Doris Staubli & Susanne Ramel


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