I Purpose


Art. 1
The Zumikon Community Association promotes the interest of the residents of Zumikon in in the social and cultural well-being of the community and offers them opportunity to actively participate in the enrichment of village life

It assumes the role of a coordinator and leads - also in cooperation with authorities and associations - social and cultural events. 

Art. 2
It seeks to achieve these goals through: :

  • social and cultural events 

  • introducing candidates proposed for election to the authorities

  • acting as an interface between the municipal council and the associations

II Membership


Art. 3a
Members can be residents of the municipality as well as interested persons and legal entities interested persons and legal entities. The admission is decided by the the board of directors. 

An annual membership fee is charged, the amount of which is determined by the General Meeting. meeting. It is levied in the first half of each year.

The liability for any obligations of the association is limited to the assets of the association. 

Withdrawal from the community association is possible at any time. The membership expires if the membership fee has not been paid. 

The general meeting decides on the exclusion of members upon proposal of the board. 

III Organisation


Art. 4 
The organs of the Community Association are:

a) the General Meeting

b) the board of directors

c)  the auditors

Art. 5 

The ordinary general meeting takes place annually in the 1st semester. By resolution of the Board of Directors or upon written request of at least one fifth of the members, an extraordinary general meeting may be convened at any time.  

The invitation to the General Meeting shall be made by the Board in writing at least 14 days in advance. 

Any General Meeting convened in accordance with the Articles of Association shall constitute a quorum, irrespective of the number of participants.

Proposals to the general meeting must be submitted to the board in writing at least 8 days in advance. 

Art. 6 

The duties of the General Assembly are:

- Election of the President or Co-President

- Election of the members of the Board

Election of the auditors

- Revision of the statutes

- Acceptance of the annual report and annual accounts

- Acknowledgement of the annual budget

- Discharge of the organs

- Determination of the membership fee

- Passing of resolutions on motions of the board and/or of members

- Dissolution of the Association

- Allocation of the association's assets in the event of dissolution of the association. Voting shall be decided by a simple open majority of the members present.


If a request for a secret ballot is made, it must be voted on and then the voting proceeds accordingly. 

Should a secret ballot be requested, a vote on the request must be taken. Subsequent procedures are dictated by the results of that vote.

In the event of a tie, the president shall have the casting vote. A co-presidency has only one vote. 


Art. 7 
The Board consists of:

- President or 2 Co-Presidents
- Vice-President (if no Co-Presidency)

- Actuary 

- Treasurer 

- 2 to 4 board members

The term of office of the board members is four years. It can be extended for a further four years. There is no term limit.

The president to be elected by the general meeting may have already been a member of the board. Once elected, his/her term of office shall be extended for at least a further four years.

The rest of the board constitutes itself. 

Members leaving the board can be re-elected after a waiting period of one year

The Board of Directors may, as required, call in members or other persons to perform specific tasks.

The board serves on an honorary basis. Expenses are reimbursed

Art. 8 
The auditors are elected for a period of four years. They check the financial accounts and to the Board of Directors for the attention of the General Meeting.

Art. 9
For the dissolution of the Association a majority of at least three quarters of the members present is required. 

Prior to the dissolution, the General Meeting shall decide by a simple majority on the allocation of the Association's assets to one or more non- profit organizations in Zumikon.
The decision on these allocations is irrevocably legally valid.

Revised statutes according to the resolution of the General Meeting of May 25, 2022.

© 2022 Gemeindeverein Zumikon