I Purpose


Art. 1
The Gemeindeverein Zumikon aims to promote the interest of Zumikon residents in the community‘s political, cultural and economic wellbeing and provide them with the opportunity to play an active role in structuring the community’s political and cultural activities. 

The Gemeindeverein Zumikon coordinates and celebrates social events in cooperation with local authorities and associations.

Art. 2
The Gemeindeverein strives to reach these goals by:

  • organizing social events 

  • presenting candidates running for local offices

  • commentary on important items coming up for a vote or referendum

  • assuring and coordinating pertinent information for Zumikon residents concerning community happenings and activities

II Membership


Art. 3a
All residents and ex-residents of Zumikon can become members. The managing committee is responsible for admission decisions. 

An annual membership fee will be levied. The fee amount will be determined by the general assembly. It will be levied during the first half of each year.

Liability for all Gemeindeverein commitments is limited to Gemeindeverein funds.

Any member can resign from the Gemeindeverein at any time. Any member who has not paid the membership fee for two  consecutive years will be expelled.

The general assembly makes expulsion decisions upon request from the management committee.

III Organisation


Art. 4 
The Gemeindeverein administration consists of: 

a) the general assembly

b) the management committee

c) the auditor

Art. 5 

The regular general assembly is convened annually during the first half of the year. A special general assembly can be convened at any time, either at the decision of the management committee or upon written demand from at least 20% of the members.

Announcement of the agenda items for the upcoming general assembly by the management committee at least 14 days prior to the date set for the general assembly constitutes an invitation to the general assembly. 

Every general assembly convened in accordance with the statutes constitute as quorum regardless of the number of members present. 

Petitions to the general assembly must be written and received by the management committee at least 8 days before the general assembly. 

Art. 6 

Duties of the general assembly: 

- Elect a president

- Elect members to the management committee

- Elect the auditor 

- Revise the statutes

- Approve the annual report and financial statement

- Acknowledge next year's budget

- Discharge the management committee

- Fix membership dues

- Deciding on petitions from the management committee and/or the membership

- Disbanding the Gemeindeverein Zumikon 

- Allocation of assets at disbanding of the Gemeindeverein Zumikon


A simple majority of members present decides a vote.

Should a secret ballot be requested, a vote on the request must be taken. Subsequent procedures are dictated by the results of that vote.

The president decides a tied vote.


Art. 7 
The management committee consists of:

- President
- Vice-president 

- Actuary 

- Treasurer 

- Editor and 

- 2 to 4 ad hoc members

The term of office for management committee members is 4 years. It can be extended for another 4 years.

The president to be elected by the general assembly can be a member of the executive committee. When elected, that member’s term of office is automatically extended for at least 4 additional years. 

The rest of the executive committee is self-constituting. 

Executive committee members who leave the executive committee can be re-elected after a one-year waiting period. 

The executive committee may engage members or other individuals for specific tasks. 

Executive committee work is voluntary. Expenses will be reimbursed. 

Art. 8 
The auditors are elected for a four-year term. They are responsible for auditing the accounts and reporting to the executive committee at the general assembly.

Art. 9
At least three-quarters of the members present must vote to confirm the decision to disband the Gemeindeverein Zumikon.

Before the Gemeindeverein Zumikon is disbanded, a simple majority of the general assembly votes to determine how to distribute Gemeindeverein Zumikon funds to one or more charitable institutions in Zumikon. 

This disbursement decision is irrevocable.

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